Yes, my name is spelled wrong.
That is why I am Melissa with a Y

Holy Ship cabin and flights booked. 😳
This just got real.
Coachella is officially a❓for me.

That feeling of, “I could be doing more.”

When people in relationships give single people advice 😴

Lyke y

I will not get fat when working at Facebook!!!!!!!

Okay, just a contractor for Fb, but still hahahaha.

Damn you good free food!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Ugly Truths About Modern Dating That You Have To Deal With | Thought Catalog

k e e p y o u r h e a d u p

An Open Letter To My Ex: How A Best Friend Becomes A Stranger | Elite Daily

Life in an article once again, lols

The Beauty Of Understanding That Not All Relationships Are Meant To Last Forever | Elite Daily

"But, we must learn to accept the idea that whether it be a lover, a coworker or a friend, his or her place in our lives may not always be meant to last forever."

It’s like this person went into my head and wrote my thoughts hahaha

After visiting NY for the 4th year in a row, I realized that SoCal was my friend with benefits. It was never really serious and we were just fooling around for 4 years. San Francisco/the Bay Area is my main/first love. And now NYC is the side chick because I keep coming back for more, even though I know I’m cheating on SF.

Why I Go on These Trips


Some of you may be thinking that I take all of these “vacations,” when I consider it more as a trip and not a relaxing vacation. I think of it as a trip because it’s just apart of my journey of life of trying to find myself. Trying to understand my worth, how I want to shape my world, and learning more about myself. I find that out with the help of my family and being on my own to reflect on my life.

I truly believe the 20s are the hardest part of your life. Because post grad, you’re forced to figure out life right away. You get put out in the real world and then you’re like, “wtf do I do.” The 20s are when you’ve either set on doing something specific (medicine, law, etc.) or constantly changing what you wanna do (i.e. Major change in college). And that’s why with the help of these trips and advice from my family, I definitely understand how confusing the 20s really are. These trips can be a trip when finding out the truth (lulz)

After going on these trips, I’m staying positive at life and am grateful for the help of my family. I really don’t know where I’d be and where my mind would be, without the help of my oldest brothers and parents. So, in conclusion, I haven’t been going on vacations, I’ve been going on trips of life. =)

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